The FLW House

11 10 2010

This appealing medium-sized home was created by me during a Frank Lloyd Wright build-off contest that lasted only 2 days.
In those 2 days I have spent at least 14 hours on this little masterpiece.

The theme we were given for this build-off was Usonian.
Since this is SL, i didn’t want to stick to the strict Usonian style, but rather build my own futuristic interpretation of the Usonian style.

I added some modern flare, though sticking to the basic Usonian materials, wich are wood, brick and concrete.

Although the judges were not convinced of my personal interpretation of the Usonian style, I did convince the public! Out of 16 homes the visitors voted this home as their favorite.

INFO: The FLW House

  • Size: 33×27 meters
  • 296 prims
  • Lockable doors (NDE door system)
  • Realistic fire-place with smoke coming from the chimney
  • Copy/Mod

Visit Inworld HERE
View on SL Marketplace HERE



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