Frontier Sphere, 11 skyboxes in 1!

12 10 2010

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The Frontier Sphere is an easy to use system that lets you and up to 3 friends sit on a sphere and be taken to a height set to your preference and enjoy 11 unique skyboxes.

All 11 skyboxes are filled with highly detailed furniture and props, each skybox having its own unique and appealing theme.

The themes are:
[*] Kitchen
[*] Bedroom
[*] Bathroom
[*] Romance
[*] Forest Camp
[*] White Office
[*] Pool (table) room
[*] Swimming pool
[*] Prison
[*] Barn
[*] Old pub/bar

Each skybox is filled with items you can interact with. To give an example. In the Forest Camp you can make it rain, play fitting natural environment sounds, turn on and off the campfire with sounds, couple menu in the tent and picnic blanket with quality animations, etc. .

Each skybox is less than 234 prims including the frontier sphere so it will fit on 1024 sqm parcels and bigger. This is the perfect solution to have a whole collection of different unique rooms on a small parcel.

The frontier sphere is also the ultimate gadget for big home owners to escape to a whole new scenery.

All furniture in each skybox is copy/ mod, so nothing prevents you from taking it out and decorating your home with it aswell!

This whole package would easily have been priced at 15 000 L$ at my normal rates, but this is a unique PERMENANT promotional item for my business.

INFO: Frontier Sphere skyboxes

  • Everything is Copy/Mod
  • All skyboxes fit on a standard 1024sqm parcel (all smaller than 32×32 meters)
  • Detailed notecards included with info on each skybox
  • Choose from different heights at wich to rezz the a skybox
  • Set to public, owner only or group access
  • Option to auto de-rezz the skybox and go back to ground floor at a set amount of time.

Visit inworld HERE
Visit on SL Marketplace HERE



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