Mediterranean Villa

10 10 2010

A beautiful mediterranean themed villa, with a pool flowing beneath the living space. This is a perfect retreat for couples and is just as perfect for a get together with friends.

The villa offers a very open feel since there are no doors, only white silky curtains wich can be blinded (5 settings) and locked in an easy way to prevent unwanted people from walking indoors.

Stairs on the side of the villa offer access to the roof where you will find a cosy open fire surrounded by marshmallow seats for all your friends to gather.

Alongside the pool are 2 sunbathing poofs (one with couple pose, and one single pose) with a bottle of champagne and a scripted candle that can be turned on and off next to it.

Indoors you will find a gorgeous sitting corner wich can also be illuminated by candles and another bottle of champagne awaits on the little table.

In the second room you will find the animated bed (cuddle and xxx animations) with candles along the sides that can be turned off or on with an easy click. Also a hot soothing bath you will find on your left.
On your right you will find an oriental massage table equipped with massage animations.

INFO: Mediterranean Villa Furnished

  • 540 prims
  • Size: 31×37 meter
  • Home and furniture are Copy/Mod
  • Curtains can be blinded from invisible to non-transparant
  • Scripted bed, candles, massage table, etc
  • Outdoor plants and trees included

INFO: Mediterranean Villa Unfurnished

  • 274 prims
  • Size: 31×37 meter
  • Curtains can be blinded from invisible to non-transparant
  • Outdoor plants and trees included
  • The villa and plants/trees are all Copy/Mod

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