Shinju House

10 10 2010

The Shinju House is a modern home, fully furnished with high quality furniture that fits perfectly within the design of the house.

With its appealing shape and stunning shadow and light effects your sure to undergo a breath-taking experience every time you step inside this home.

Thanks to the original shape of the house there is still a lot of space for you to create a wonderful garden, a big swimming pool, etc. To help you get started on creating the perfect garden the trees seen on the pictures are included. The house fits on a 4096sqm parcel or larger.

The Shinju House is divided into 5 rooms.

A living room for all your get together with friends and loved ones.
A big couch holds space for 6 people with unique poses and animations.
If people are getting thirsty, just open the bottle of champagne that sits in the living room table or head over to the wine bar and serve yourself to a splendid rare wine.

When you are getting hungry the kitchen/dining room is only a footstep away from the living room. Treat yourself, friends or loved one to a (romantic) dinner.
From both the living area and the dining room you have a lovely view over the big pond that lays in front of the house.

Once you enter the hallway you have access to 3 new rooms. The first door is the first bedroom, equipped with a big animated bed and a study desk where you can work in peace.

The second door leads to the bathroom. Here you find a wonderful sculpted bath holding space for 2 persons and 2 lovely sinks.

The last room at the end of the hall is the second bedroom, also equipped with a big animated bed and a sculpted relaxation chair.

All windows in the house are blindable with realistic blinds.
The doors make use of the NDE door system and are lockable, add friends, activate pay options, and much much more.

INFO: Shinju House Furnished

  • Size: 62×57 meter
  • Prims: 635
  • The doors can be easily locked, access list, etc (NDE doors)
  • The house and furniture are Copy/Mod
  • Realistic shadow and light effects
  • animated beds (cuddle and sex)
  • Wine bottles hand out glasses of wine
  • Working bath, sinks, lights, etc
  • Realistic looking window blinds

INFO: Shinju House Unfurnished

  • Size: 62×57 meter
  • Prims: 228
  • The doors can be easily locked, access list, etc (NDE doors)
  • The house is Copy/Mod
  • Realistic shadow and light effects
  • Realistic looking window blinds

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