The Inner Circle

11 10 2010

The Inner Circle is a unique designed modern/urban home that comes fully furnished with quality and fitting furniture. The home stands 60 meters tall with a 360 degree view.

The Inner Circle offers quality texturing to create the perfect atmosphere.

The Inner Circle has 5 rooms, all furnished. A living room, kitchen/dining room, bedroom, bathroom and hallway. Each section of the 4 main rooms has its own private garden.

All windows can be blinded with realistic fitting curtains. Lights offer the possibility to enable and disable dynamic lighting.

The furniture in The Inner Circle holds animations and/or poses. A few examples are: an animated bed, animated bath, eating animations in the kitchen, bath animation, etc

The Inner Circle also uses an advanced door system (NDE system) to secure your privacy, offering group access, pay option, locking, etc.

INFO: The Inner Circle Furnished

  • Size:60×60 meter
  • 632 prims (including all furniture)
  • Windows can be blinded
  • Lockable doors (NDE system)
  • Scripted bed and hot tub with cuddle and xxx animations, dynamic lights,working elevator, quality animations, scripted bath, etc
  • The house, furniture and plants are all Copy/Mod

INFO: The Inner Circle Unfurnished

  • Size:60×60 meter
  • 342 prims
  • Windows can be blinded
  • Lockable doors (NDE system)
  • The house is Copy/Mod

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