Yuushuu House

11 10 2010

The Yuushuu House is an ultra modern home, fully furnished with high quality furniture that fits perfectly within the design of the house.

With its original and appealing shape the house leaves a lot of space for a garden, pool, etc.

The house has 4 floors. The first floor is the living room, very spacious yet a very appealing arrangement with a large couch as center piece offering sitting space for 6 people, each cushion holding a unique pose/animation.

On the second floor we find a large bedroom with a stunning view. Behind the bed we find a walk through shower that is transparent on the inside. The shower features an original couple showering animation.

The third floor is an open floor, a terrace in the center of the house with an amazing view on both sides. Trees move in the wind as the wind blows through the center of the house.

On the final floor you find an office/boardroom with an operational power point system.
On the other half of the upper floor a marvellous animated pool table is set up, featuring cuddle and xxx animations.

As far as privacy goes, the house is equipped with NDE lockable doors and windows can be blinded by clicking them from the inside.

INFO: Yuushuu House Furnished

  • Size: 63×60 meter
  • Prims: 880
  • The doors can be easily locked, access list, etc (NDE doors)
  • House and all furniture are Copy/Mod
  • Realistic shadows
  • animated bed and pool table (cuddle and sex)
  • Working power point presentation system
  • An animated shower (can be turned on and off + couple showering animation)
  • Realistic looking window blinds

INFO: Yuushuu House Unfurnished

  • Size: 63×60 meter
  • Prims: 391
  • The doors can be easily locked, access list, etc (NDE doors)
  • The house is Copy/Mod
  • Realistic shadows
  • Realistic looking window blinds

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